The Best Electric Skateboard For Hills

Electric skateboards are exceptional and versatile tools. You can use them for commuting, or as a last-mile tool in your daily commute. You can also use e-skateboards for outdoor and back-country exploring if you need some excitement and fun in your life. Whatever way you choose to use your electric skateboard, I can confidently say you always want the best electric skateboard for hills.

The unfortunate part is, not all electric skateboards can take on a mild inclination, let alone some serious hills.

Electric skateboards engineered, designed, and optimized to take on the hills need to combine motors with enormous power, a battery pack with ample power storage capacity, a lightweight build yet robust build, and safety features to enable you to push up the hills in a fast, efficient, and safe manner.

The various e-skateboards we will look at below are good at hill climbing. Some manufacturers design their e-skateboards to have some respectable hill-climbing capacity while other manufacturers design their products with a focus on hill climbing.

I can assure you, you will find a hill-climbing e-skateboard that suits your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

Best Electric Skateboard For Hills

Evolve Carbon GT 2-In-1 (25% Grade)

The Evolve Carbon GT Series is a special and innovative e-skateboards not least for its 2-in-1 feature. You can change your Evolve Carbon GT from a street electric skateboard to an all-terrain electric skateboard on a dime.

Depending on your needs and your destination, you can choose the street version of the skateboard or the all-terrain version of set up, giving two skateboards from one purchase.

Importantly, however, regardless of the setup you choose to ride on, you can rest assured that the Carbon GT will get up the hilly paths with ease.

Features And Specs

  • Twin sensored brushless motors that produce a combined 3000 watts of power.
  • Published hill-climbing rating of 24 percent gradient while riding in GT mode. However, real-world tests have shown that the Evolve GT can climb up to 35% gradients, obviously depending on rider weight.
  • Top speed ranging from 22mph to 26 mph on both wheels depending on the terrain, wind resistance, and rider weight.
  • Robust battery pack with ample capacity for a range of up to 31 miles on the street setup and 18 miles for all-terrain set up on a single full charge. Importantly, the battery takes a maximum of 3 hours to fully charge while using the fast charger. The normal charge takes between 4 to 5 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • 4-speed modes; the slow mode with 20% power and very limited speed; the Eco mode with 40% power and limited speed; the fast mode with 60% power and access to full speed; and the GT mode with 100% access to power, speed, and acceleration. For the best hill-climbing experience, use the GT mode.
  • R2 Evolve Skateboard remote with an LCD display showing malate, battery status, speed mode, and average speed.
  • Street skateboard and all-terrain setups and capabilities.
  • Lightweight and high-quality carbon fiber and Kevlar deck.
  • Weighs about 17 pounds (7.9kg) in street setup and 21 pounds (9.5kg) in all-terrain setup.

What Makes The Evolve Carbon GT 2-In-1 A Hill-Climber?

The combination of lightweight deck, powerful motors, grippy wheels, and a robust battery pack is what makes the Evolve GT one of the best e-skateboards to purchase if you commute through hilly terrain. It never disappoints.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

  • Powerful drivetrain
  • Stellar battery pack and range
  • Stellar customer service
  • Street and all-terrain riding capability
  • Robust build
  • No grip handle
  • No IP rating
  • Some e-skateboards have had remote connection issues but all have been solved

The most obvious capability of the Carbon GT 2-In-1 is its ability to morph into a street e-skateboard and all-terrain electric skateboard at wheel. Whether you use your electric skateboard predominantly for daily commuting or occasionally to explore the backcountry, you can take your Carbon GT.

You can also expect a long life from this board. Evolve designs and manufactures their electric skateboards to be hardy and robust enough to take on rough terrain. The tracks, the pins, the deck, the battery pack, the motors, and every other component is designed for longevity and for all-terrain riding.

Another consideration to have in mind is its longer deck. Measuring 40 inches (1.02 meters), the GT Series has one of the longest boards in the e-skateboard markets, and for good reason. Given that it has both high-speed and off-roading capabilities, it should provide stellar stability in extreme environments.

The longer wheel-base provides room to spread the legs further apart, lowering your center of gravity for enhanced stability. However, the longer deck does affect how nimble this e-skateboard is. Carving with the GT Series is not the easiest or most enjoyable thing in the world.

You can purchase your Evolve Carbon GT 2-In-1 here.

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Acton Blink QU4TRO (30% Grade)

Acton Blink QU4TRO Review

The Acton Blink QU4TRO has to be one of the best premium e-skateboards on the market. It is feature-filled with advanced features, it is powerful, and engineered to be durable. Importantly, it has stellar hill climbing performance and is definitely a leader in the hill climb niche.

Features And Specs

  • Four Wheel Drive System – The Blink QU4TRO comes with 4 hub motors. These provide immense power to power you up a hills up to 30%. The Quattro hub motors have a total power 2000W power output are also powerful enough to power the electric skateboard up to 23 mph/ 37kph.
  • A 1600W – It comes with a 1600W Battery Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack designed to be durable, robust, and powerful enough to power the e-skateboard for about 22 miles. Not only can you take on hills, but you can also ride for hours on end.
  • Three Riding Modes – Depending on your level of experience, you can choose to ride uphill using the beginner, intermediate, or pro mode.
  • Regenerative Braking – It comes with regen braking. Riding downhill is not only fun on this e-skateboard, but it also adds some juice to your electric skateboard.
  • Lightweight Deck – The Blink QU4TRO uses a lightweight yet robust aluminum-reinforced carbon fiber deck. The deck is lightweight enough to take on steep hills while being robust enough to support a 125kg load.

You can read more about the Blink QU4TRO here.

What Makes The Blink QU4TRO A Good Hill-Climber

The 4 hub motors do help this electric skateboard take hills. With a total power 2000W output and plenty of torque, skating uphill is a breeze and a joy. Additionally, the high-quality battery pack comes in handy. It provides a steady power supply to all the motors.

What To Expect From The QU4TRO

  • It has excellent hill-climbing capability can ride up a 30% incline rate and a top speed of 23 MPH and
  • A powerful drive system – 2000 watts output
  • Uses an advanced Tension Suspension that absorbs impacts, improving the ride quality
  • Acton offers a financing option (for qualified US customers), giving you the chance to own a premium e-skateboard at flexible terms
  • Up to 22 miles of range
  • An aluminum and carbon fiber deck that is durable
  • Stellar coasting capability when riding downhill
  • Its weight of 24 pounds negatively affects its performance, portability, and the ability users to kick
  • Difficult to carve at high speeds since the e-skateboard does not have any active differential system to slow down the outer wheels when carving – it tends to slide when you take sharp corners
  • Lack of deadman switch increases the risk of triggering the throttle accidentally

The QU4TRO is perfectly suited to hill-climbing. With a powerful 4-wheel drive system, that delivers plenty of torque, you can take on some serious hills in your local town with ease. Moreover, the QU4TRO has been designed with rider comfort in mind.

The Tension Suspension system does a pretty good job of smoothening rough pavements. It also has a respectable range, making the QU4TRO a true last-mile electric skateboard.

That said, the stiff build of the QU4TRO does impede its nimbleness and ease of changing direction. You might experience some difficulties in moving around in crowded places. Being heavy, you will struggle to carry the electric skateboard when you are not using it.

You can get an Acton Blink 4WD QU4TRO electric skateboard here.

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Boosted Board 2 Dual+ (25% Grade)

Boosted is renowned for designing and manufacturing some of the best electric skateboards and scooters on the market. The brand is also regarded as having the best customer care service in the entire electric skateboard and electric scooter market. You can rely on Boosted to help when something goes wrong with their product.

While Boosted Boards are not designed specially to take on hills, the following video shows.

Video courtesy of Nicholas Kulick

The Boosted Board V2 Dual + comes with modest hill-climbing capability. However, combine its hill-climbing capability with other attributes, you get one of the best daily-drivers in the electric skateboard market.

Features And Specs

  • Standard battery yields a maximum range of 7 miles while extended battery double the range to 14 miles
  • Automotive-grade battery cells that last long
  • Dual belt motors with a total power output of 2,000W that give the Dual + a top 22mph top speed
  • Super Flex Composite deck that retains flexibility for longer, giving riders exceptional response and feel as well as the ability to make deep carves
  • Regenerative braking
  • 4 ride modes that include the eco mode that uses power economically and the pro mode that ekes out the last performance from the drive train

What Makes The Boosted Board 2 Dual+ A Hill-Climber?

The high-quality automotive-grade battery that the V2 Dual + comes with enables the electric skateboard to take on hills with little to no hesitancy. The battery system does not suffer from noticeable battery sag, giving the e-skateboard a steady supply of power while going uphill.

Moreover, the dual belt motors produce ample torque to take users up a published 25% grade. However, many users have exceeded this rating to as much as 27% grade, albeit for a short time.

Finally, the flexible lightweight deck leaves much of the hauling capacity that the motors have for carrying load rather than carrying the actual e-skateboard.

Finally, the flexible lightweight deck ensures that much of the hauling capacity that the motors have goes to carrying a load rather than carrying the e-skateboard.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

  • Holds its value very well on the resale market
  • Boosted are renowned for their excellent customer service
  • Lightweight build
  • Tough, hardy build that gives the V2 Dual + exceptional durability
  • Smooth, safe acceleration ad braking
  • Arguably the best controller on the e-skateboard market
  • Exceptional coasting capability
  • The battery drains pretty quickly when riding uphill
  • Noisy motors
  • There is a considerable risk of burning the motors when going up a steep hill
  • Poor range

The Boosted Board V2 Dual + is a good choice for moderate hill-climbing. It has ample torque to take you up hills with 25% grade. However, the 199 watt-hour battery pack does drain quite fast when riding uphill.

As such, you should purchase the Boosted V2 Dual+ electric skateboard if you only need to go over short hills. Extended hill-climbing will leave you dragging or carrying your 17 lbs. e-skateboard later on.

Moreover, you need to understand the limits of this electric skateboard. For instance, Boosted advises users not allow their boards to stop going uphill while accelerating hard on the remote control. Doing this increases the chances of frying the motors.

Price And Where To Buy The Boosted Board 2 Dual+

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Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard (25% Grade)

The newer iteration of the V2 Dual +, the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard is also an appealing option. It has slightly better range and top speed performance while retaining the best characteristics of the V2 Dual +, including the Super Flex composite deck. Importantly, it can take up 25% grade hills, giving it considerable hill-climbing capability.

You can check Boosted Boards Stealth E-Skateboard’s latest price here.

Check Boosted Stealth Latest Price

All things considered, these Boosted Boards are a good choice if you want to sell your board later. They hold value well and there is a viable resale market with ample demand. Not many other electric skateboards can boast of the same resale value.

Halo Board 2 (22% Hill Grade)

electric skateboards for the hill halo board 2

Electric skateboards come with a variety of capabilities. However, for consumers, user experience is arguably the most important consideration. Whether you use your e-skateboard for fun adventures during the weekends or as a last-mile commuting solution, you need an all-round electric skateboard.

This means the e-skateboard you buy should not only be fast and capable of taking steep hills, but also offer a silk-smooth experience.

Halo Board 2 yields one of the best users experience in the electric skateboard market. The board is smooth, quiet, and incredibly fun to ride. Importantly, it can also take on hills you find along your path. While Halo Board states that it is capable of taking on hill grades of up to 22%, many riders have been able to take over 25% hill grades with this electric skateboard, especially when it has more than 50% charge.

Features And Specs

  • 3000 Dual In-Hub Motors Drive System – Halo Board 2 comes with a dual in-hub motor system. Each motor has a power output of 1500W, for a total power of 3000W. While the drive train is not the most powerful in the market, it is renowned for its smoothness thanks to the torque management system. The in-hub motors are also much easier to push when power runs out. As such, you can use this e-board as a regular skateboard should you need to.
  • 7Ah 252WH Lithium-Ion Battery (14 Miles Range And 22MPH Top Speed) – The Halo Board 2 comes with a massive 7Ah 252WH Li-ion battery with enough charge to power the electric skateboard for 14 miles. Additionally, the battery is capable of powering the board to a top speed of 22mph. While the battery is energy-dense, the battery design and manufacturing process have been optimized for safety with reduced risk of spontaneous combustion. The battery pack is fire-certified, a testament to its safety credentials. On the charging front, the e-board has a relatively fast-charging system, charging the battery cells to full charge in about 3 hours.
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Deck – The all-carbon-fiber deck is not only durable, sturdy, and stable, but one of the lightest decks on the market. The 91 cm deck is made using high-end T7000 Carbon Fiber, and it is capable of supporting a rider with a 286lbs.
  • Torque Management System – The torque management system is a welcomed feature as it makes using the dual hub motors possible without constantly wiping out. The torque management algorithm turns the combined 3000W power of the in-hub motors to usable power. Importantly, the system which is incorporated into the acceleration system allows users to ride uphill with ease and comfort; the uphill ride is not jittery.
  • Regen Braking – When going downhill, the electric skateboard turns the momentum to power, which in turn charges the battery pack. As such, you can recover some energy, which helps increase your range.
  • Carry Handle – When you need to carry your board, Halo Board 2 has a carry handle. While the e-skateboard is quite light, the deck is quite long. This can make the carrying process a challenge. However, thanks to the carry handle, moving around with the board is much more comfortable.

What Makes The Halo Board 2 A Hill-Climber?

Just like other boards in this list, the power output of the drive train is essential in giving the Halo Board 2 hill-climbing capabilities. However, this e-board has additional ace in its sleeve – the torque management system. It makes riding uphill a silky smooth experience.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

  • Lightweight
  • High clearance
  • Silent and stealthy (even when accelerating hard)
  • The carbon fiber deck is stiff
  • The grip tape does not cover the entire deck
  • The remote control could be better
  • Great value

The lightweight build of this e-board makes it feasible to use the e-board as a daily driver. Moreover, the in-hub dual motors are easy to push when the battery dies. The combination of powerful motors and lightweight construction will ensure you take on hills in your daily commute. On the safety side, Halo Board 2 has one of the best braking systems. It is smooth and gradual, reducing the risk of wiping out.

On the flip side, the stiff deck makes carving a tad difficult. Additionally, the remote control is cheaply made and feels as much, especially when accelerating.

Price And Where To Buy Halo Board 2

For The Best Price Check Out The Manufacturer’s Website

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HeadingChoosing The Best Electric Skateboard For Hills

Since the explosion in popularity of the electric skateboard as a last-mile tool as well as an outdoors fun gadget, many of the manufacturers – old and new – have designed a wide variety of e-boards. While some e-boards bear immense similarities, there are many e-boards that are unique, and in many regards unique.

You can explore this list here of the top commuting electric skateboards to learn about the choice of electric skateboards you have for daily last-mile travel.

One way e-board manufacturers are trying to make their products unique and, therefore, stand out on the market is to enhance the hill-climbing capabilities of their e-boards. Even the cheapest electric skateboards can scale a 5% grade hill. That said, look for a skateboard that has the capability to climb a hill with 12% to 15% grade inclines as the minimum capability.

So, what qualities do you need to consider when you are on the market for an e-board with respectable hill-climbing capabilities? You should look at the following factors when investing an e-board with stellar hill-climbing capabilities:

Motor Power

As you might appreciate, the amount of power your motor(s) have will influence the ability of an e-skateboard to take you up a hill. As such, it is of critical importance that you purchase an electric skateboard with powerful motors, especially if you will frequently go uphill.

Generally speaking, you want to avoid low-end skateboards whose power rating is less than 150 watts. E-boards with such motor power can only take you around on the flat or relatively level ground. It will struggle to take on even the slightest of inclinations. Instead, I reckon you should go for an e-board with motors whose power ranges between 150 watts and 500 watts. That said, it is important to note that motors with a rated power of between 350 watts and 500 watts are normally used in premium e-skateboards.

Another power consideration to make is the number of motors used in an electric skateboard – the total wattage of the drivetrain of the e-board. Electric skateboards can come with one motor, a dual-motor, or an all-wheel-drive drivetrain. Typically, e-boards with a single motor find it difficult to climb up a gradient that is more 12%.

As the number of motors, and, therefore, the total number of power output increases, the more capable an electric skateboard becomes. For instance, dual-motor e-boards will comfortably climb up a gradient of up to 30%. All-wheel-drive e-boards such as the Carvon EVO 4WD can tackle a gradient of over 30%. However, for such ultra-powerful e-boards, you will need to spend a premium for the premium performance.

The Battery Capacity

Riding an electric skateboard uphill will drain your battery pretty fast. Carrying a heavy load – which is you and all the items you carry with you – is not easy. It is an energy-intensive activity, and your battery system needs to supply the necessary power to the motor. As such, you need an electric skateboard that has a large capacity. Otherwise, going over just one hill might leave you with no charge left.


Another important consideration to have in mind when choosing an e-skateboard for hill climbing is torque. While the motor specs somewhat determine the torque of an e-skateboard, there are other parts of the electric skateboard system that influence torque, including pulley diameter, gear ratios, and wheel diameter.

Unfortunately, you cannot have it all. While designing and optimizing electric skateboards, manufacturers have to balance between the top speed and peak torque. For maximum speed, you have to sacrifice some top-end torque. On the other hand, to get the highest level of torque, manufacturers will have to sacrifice top speed. As such, it is always a balancing act to get the best overall performance.

For instance, when it comes to wheels, the smaller they are, the better the torque performance. However, the top speed performance is pretty dismal. So, you should expect better torque performance from 70mm wheels than 100mm wheels.

The Influence Of Weight When Hill Riding With An Electric Skateboard

With the above in mind, note that your ability to go uphill is also influenced by many other things, especially your weight.

Your weight is a big consideration when going uphill. The more you weigh, the more power you need to go up a hill. Generally speaking, you can comfortably use average-priced e-boards if you weigh up to about 70kgs. However, if you weigh more than 75 kg, your best bet is to use high-end e-boards that have powerful motors.

Furthermore, you need to tweak your riding style to converse as much energy as possible. While you need a large battery capacity, to begin with, changing your riding style will give you an extra mile of range. To this end, do the following:

  • Carry as little luggage as possible. The less additional weight you have to carry the better.
  • Use just enough speed to get you uphill and not full speed.
  • Moreover, do not use fast acceleration. Accelerate gradually with little
  • Do not ride against the high winds when riding uphill. If you can reroute or wait for the wind to die down.

With this information in mind, the only thing left is to explore the best hill climbing e-boards on the market and purchase one that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. The list of electric skateboards below contains electric skateboards that have been optimized and focus on hill climbing as well as premium e-boards that have respectable hill-climbing capabilities.

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