Top 7 Electric Skateboard Safety Tips You Should Be Using

Electric skateboards are no longer novelty items that riders show off. They are now commonplace and, in fact, they should be considered as transportation tools. However, an unintended, and arguably a natural consequence of their increased popularity is an increment in electric skateboard accidents and resultant injuries. Electric skateboard safety has become a very serious issue for e-board users.

Given the increased frequency of e-board related accident, it is prudent for electric skateboard users, both novice and experienced riders, to take into consideration their safety. Safety begins with purchasing the right kind of electric skateboard for you and an e-slateboard that has been tested and certified. Beyond that it also involves investing in and using electric skateboard safety equipment, practicing and honing your skills, maintaining your e-board, and more importantly, riding your electric skateboard with caution.

Following these tips will negate the chances of getting involved in an electric skateboard accident. There are plenty of accidents to learn from that safety is an important consideration to have in mind. As a matter of fact, so prevalent is the range skateboard related accidents that International Classification of Diseases has codified the various skateboard-related injuries.

To read more about cases of accidents involving electric skateboards read this article, this article here, this article here, this article here, and this article here. I’ve not included these examples as a scaremongering tactic. I just want to show you the seriousness of the issue of safety. These are too many accidents, and given the fact the e-skateboard community is growing, it is important for all of us to maintain high safety standards.

Tip #1: Purchase An Appropriate E-Skateboard For You

E-skateboards are not the same. Every e-board is unique and is unique. Every e-board comes with a unique combination of capabilities, features, and riding characteristics. As such, some boards are perfect for commuting around campus, some are perfect for cruising around town, while others are perfect for long-distance and high-speed cruising. No two boards are the truly the same.

With this in mind, take some time read in-depth e-skateboard reviews and choose a board that matches your expectations with regards to riding feel, safety features, range, and all other considerations that you may have in mind.

With regards to safety, you should put particular emphasis on:

The Level Of Maneuverability For Your Intended Usage

Depending on your skill levels, you can only handle a certain rigidness on the ride. If you are a novice, you want an electric skateboard that is easy to maneuver around, especially when you will be using your e-board to move around campus or around town. As such, you want an e-board with some flex.

However, if you will be using your e-board for long high-speed cruising, you want an e-board that gives you ample stability, ensuring that the feedback loop is as strong as possible. Consider the fact that at high speeds, every little input on your e-board becomes magnified considerably. As such, for high-speed long-distance cruising, a rigid e-board is a much better option.

What Is Its Braking Capability?

All modern e-boards come with some kind of braking system that slows you down to a stop. However, many of the e-boards on the market also come with the regenerative braking system. With this system, the braking system uses the braking power to regeneratively charge your battery. This gives you extra range.

The only concern with such systems is that some of them tend to lose effectiveness or stop functioning altogether once the braking system heats up or when the battery cells are fully charged, leaving you with no braking capability. It is, therefore, important for you to understand the braking capability that the e-board you want to buy or already have bought has. furthermore, you need to practice stopping without using the e-skateboard’s braking system.

Does It Have Intuitive Safety Features?

As e-skateboards are getting popular, manufacturers are upping the ante in the safety front. Every electric skateboard is developing safety features. For instance, the vast majority will have riding modes for different experience and skill level.

The good thing about using electric skateboards with different riding modes is the ability you have with regards to limiting the maximum speed. As such, if you are a novice or you are in a populated environment, you can limit e-board speed to the lower speed limits.

Another popular safety feature is the smooth-start. Some e-board manufacturers implement a push to start smooth-start. Others will simply use the remote control but have the start and acceleation silk smooth. Whatever the implementation is, a smooth start negates the possibility of wiping out as you start the e-board.

Another increasingly popular safety feature is the runoff guard or blocker. This features guards against the e-board the board running away and hitting someone or something in the event of an accidental start. E-skateboards that have this feature will automatically bring it to a stop if they notice there is no one riding the board.

Tip #2: Purchase A Tested And Certified E-Skateboard

For North America buyers, you should be UL 2271 certified. Being UL 2272 certified is an indication that the e-skateboard has been tested for fire-safety and electrical safety.

Importantly, the certificate shows that the e-board has been found to meet the standards laid out in the multilateral agreement by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in the United States and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) in Canada. However, it is important to note that UL 2272 certification does not test and evaluate rider safety, reliability, and the performance of the boards.

Tip #3: Invest In And Wear Protective Gear To Avoid Electric Skateboard Accidents

Must Wear Electric Skateboard Safety Gear

1. Invest In A High-Quality Skating Helmet

Statistics indicate that as much as 75 percent of cyclist deaths arise from head injuries. What is more is the fact that 88 percent of the injuries could have been avoided by simply donning a helmet. While this statistic has been collected from the cycling community, the risk exposure between riding a skateboard and cycling are more or less the same.

Cycling a bicycle and riding an electric skateboard involves the same amount of speeds. However, while riding a board you are at higher risk of falling. As such, it is a relevant statistic for our esk8ing community to have in mind.

For many e-board riders, there is a temptation for using a helmet that has not been designed and optimized for e-skateboard riding or even worse, forgoing a helmet altogether. While it is important to at least wear any activity helmet, it is better to purchase a helmet designed and optimized for staking. The half-shell helmet that has been designed and manufactured to meet ASTM F1492 – 15 and CPSC helmet certification standards.

Such a helmet is not only lightweight, but it is also well optimized to protect your head in the unfortunate instance you are involved in a hard-knock accident. Furthermore, the helmet should also be very ergonomic for the users. After all, you want to move your neck as freely as possible with as little hindrance as possible. Finally, they quite comfortable.

2. Use Knee Pads And Elbow Pads

When you decide to use an electric skateboard as your last mile transportation tool, you deemed risks that come with this form of transportation as acceptable, including the risk of wiping out. However, you can take steps and measures to reduce the extent of injuries you endure when an accident occurs.

Wearing knee and elbow pads help reduce the elbow and knee injuries that you endure. While they might not be able to eliminate all knee and elbow injuries completely, they will cushion these parts of your body and reduce the scraping injuries quite significantly.

3. Wear Grippy Shoes

It’s quite obvious that you cannot skate with formal shoes. They just won’t cut it. You need shoes with sticky rubber to ensure that you always stay on the deck. Importantly, they should comfortable and ample support for your soles and ankles. You do not want to have sore legs at the end of the day.

4. Always Stay Visible

While societal courtesy dictates that everyone on using the road be mindful of the others using the road, you should go a step further to becomes as visible as possible to others. To this end, you should make a point of being visible no matter the time of day, but especially during night rides. This will help you negate electric skateboard accidents.

To this end, you should wear bright and reflective during the day. During night rides, bright lights will not suffice. At the very least you should wear reflective stickers on your person (or a reflective jacket), on your helmet, and on your board.

You can go one better by installing lights on your boards and lighting your board. The best solution for might rides is to wear reflective clothes and use night riding lights.

Other safety gears you should consider investing in, especially if you are going to use the e-board for fun include the full-face helmet, slide glove, and wrist guards.

Tip #4: Practice And Hone Your Riding Skills In A Safe Area

Practice makes perfect. This old adage still holds true when it comes to e-skateboard riding. A good way to improve your safety whilst ridging electric skateboards is to practice as much as possible. Ideally want to hone your carving skill, braking skills, and high-speed riding skills.

When choosing a place to practice and hone your skills, you should choose a place that is safe. You can opt to hone skills at the park. However, since there are usually a high number of people using urban parks, you should be cautious with your speed. If you have an all-terrain e-board, you can opt to practice in a remote environment with little traffic.

Another safety issue that you need to get acquainted with how to wipe out in a safe manner. Given the extra speed that you will be traveling at, it is almost a certainty that you will fall from your e-board. Furthermore, considering the fact that you will be carrying a bag or other loads especially when you use your e-board as a commuting tool, you need to learn how to wipe out safely. By safely, we mean in a natural roll rather than falling on your knees and elbows.

Check out this video guide on how to wipe out “safely”.

Tip #5: Only Ride A Well-Maintained E-Skateboard

You should only ride a well-maintained skateboard. As such, you should always maintain your electric skateboard in pristine condition. Make sure your e-board’s bearings do not seize as you riding along. A good way of preventing bearing seizures is to oil them every so often as recommended by the manufacturer. Follow other recommended best practices to ensure your skateboard work well and, importantly, is safe.

Tip #5: Ride With Caution In Mind

Never throw caution out to the wind. Whether you are a novice or an experienced e-board rider, your skills and techniques have a limit. As mentioned above, ensure you understand the limits that your skill and technique have. Always work on honing your riding capabilities but in a safe environment.

That being said, whilst commuting using your electric skateboard or while riding it in public spaces, it is important always ride with caution. Ride your e-board within reasonable speed limits. After all, you are not only responsible for your safety, you may also be responsible for the safety of those around you.

With the above in mind, it is important to note that safety is not just an issue avoiding and preventing accidents. The safety issue has a much wider scope to include deterring fire hazards and avoiding radio frequency disruptions.

Tip #6: Is Your E-Skateboard A Fire Hazard?

Lithium-based batteries are known for their high flammability potential and the electric skateboard has not been spared.

In 2017, over 3000 Boosted Dual + Gen 2 in the U.S. and hundreds more in Canada were recalled owing to overheating batteries. While there no injuries recorded, it just goes to show that the battery technology, which is the back born of electric skateboards is still fragile and has yet to be perfected.

Tip #7: Dealing With Radio Frequency Interference

With regards to radio frequency disruptions, there are plenty of cases where computer experts and hackers have proved that is it possible to hack an electric skateboard and take over its controls, even when the rider is on the board.

There have also been cases where other radio signals have interrupted the signal connection between the remote control and the electric skateboard.

Both of the instances above just go to show how important it is to purchase your e-skateboard from a renowned company or at the very least a reliable company with ample after-sale customer care and support. By buying your e-boards from electric renowned companies, you negate the possibility of purchasing an untested and unproven system.

Market leaders in the E-skateboard segment are renowned for testing their products rigorously to ensure they are safe. Furthermore, they also encrypt the radio signal or harden the signals to guard against interference.

However, as Boosted showed, just because you are market leader it does not mean you are immune to technical issues. However, since they have stellar customer care and support in place, Boosted Dual + Gen 2 users had their batteries replaced, which ensured the battery hazard was dealt with and the users’ safety was not compromised.

In a nutshell, there is value in purchasing your e-skateboard from serious electric skateboard manufacturer and not just any run-of-the-mill manufacturer.

Electric Skateboard Safety: The Bottom Line

Electric skateboards are fast becoming a favorite last mile transport means. The moderate increase in popularity has seen a surge in e-skateboard related accidents and even fatalities. As such, safety is a serious issue to prioritize. Whether you are a parent purchasing your loved one the next great gadget or you are college students that want to ease the hassle that is moving around campus, you should make safety considerations a priority.

Never Make Safety An Afterthought! Always Make It A Priority As It Should Be!

Do you have other safety consideration to add? Post them in the comments sections. Let’s educate each other and enhance our safety whilst using our E-boards.

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