Fiik Spine Electric Skateboard: World’s Fastest Electric Skateboard?

Fiik Spine front view

With the electric skateboard market growing with every new day, e-board manufacturers are working hard to design and manufacture products that stand out and appeal to customers. This is the case with Fiik Skateboards with their Fiik Spine. There are several ways e-board manufacturers are trying to achieve this goal. Some are focusing on designing e-boards with the longest range possible. Some are designing and manufacturing ultra-light skateboards. Others are focusing on improving the safety and reliability of their products.

However, the most important feature that the vast majority of electric skateboard users tend to be interested in is power and speed. As such, e-board manufacturers are focusing on increasing the speed and power of their premium products with the intention of being the king of speed in the electric skateboard market.

The Fiik Spine has been designed to be the world’s fastest electric skateboard in production. This is a 30 mph electric skateboard (or 45km/h e-skateboard skateboard). However, beyond its top speed, other notable features include lightweight construction, an ultra-reliable drive system, ABS braking, an innovative battery pack and other features expected of a premium electric skateboard.

In this in-depth Fiik Spine review, we will delve into its unique characteristics, its specs, the user experience you can expect when riding the board, and some of the gremlins you have to overcome when using the Fiik Spine e-board.

About The Fiik Spine Electric Skateboard

The Fiik Spine is a creation of the Australian-based Fiik Skateboards Company. Brothers Daniel and Mathew Quinn tarted Fiik Skateboard about 18 years ago. As such, the company has taken the e-board development journey since the infancy of the product. Fiik Skateboard has, therefore, amassed plenty of experience with regards to designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality electric skateboards that are a thrill to ride.

Importantly, the company has developed an international presence, setting up warehouses and distribution centers in the US, Germany, UK, Noumea, and Dubai. Furthermore, the company has diversified its range of electric skateboards to include all-terrain boards aside from the typical electric street boards.

With the Fiik Spine, the company intended to produce a world beater with regards to high-speed experience. The combination of features that Fiik has incorporated into these products ensures that the riders can attain speeds they typically would not be able to whilst using other e-boards.

Fiik Spine Electric Skateboard: Features/Specs And Their Benefits

At E Motorized Boards, we believe it is not only prudent for e-board enthusiasts to understand the features that every e-board comes with but it also important for users to understand the benefits that every feature yields. As such, we will explore some of the top features as well as the benefits that every feature/spec gives the rider in terms of usability and user experience.

1. Dual Motors

Fiik Spine drive system view

The Fiik Spine has a dual Outrunner Motor drive system capable of powering the e-board to 30mph (45kph). The brushless motors are high-efficiency are custom designed for speed. For instance, the motors use custom winding that allows the motors and, by extension, the Spine e-board achieve hyper-acceleration. Each motor is rated at 1000W, with a combined power of 2000W. Importantly, Fiik has incorporated ease of maintenance into the motor system. Therefore, users can easily disassemble the various parts that require regular maintenance with very little hassle.

2. A Unique Engineered Carbon Deck

Fiik Spine Top view

The deck of the Spine features a longboard design. The deck is made of specially engineered carbon flex. The materials provide a unique combination of properties. For instance, the deck flexes considerably more than the traditional carbon fiber deck. This makes the deck easy to curve with at both slow-speeds and high-speeds.

However, the deck still retains the light-weight construction that is characteristic of carbon fiber decks. In terms of size, the deck length, width, and height are 46 inches, 11 inches, and 10 inches respectively.

3. A Lithium Polymer (LiFePo4) Battery Pack

The battery pack on the Spine comprises of 9 High Cycle Life battery cells, with the battery pack rated at 33V 7ah. On the performance front, the pack requires a 2 hours charge time to charge from flat to full charge.

On a full charge, the battery has sufficient charge for a range of approximately 12 miles (or 25 kilometers) per charge. The battery pack also features articulated segments that flex with the deck. This reduces the stress the various components, more so the battery cells, have to endure.

4. Pistol Grip Remote Controller

To control this e-board, it comes with a pistol grip remote controller. The controller connects to the e-board via a wireless connection. The wireless connection is proximity-activated and it has Stepless Digital Throttle. It takes about 30 minutes to charge the remote controller from flat to full charge.

With regards to settings, there are 3 different and progressive settings. This allows you to match your level of experience or your current environment. The lowest setting is best used by novices and when you are riding in less than ideal situations (for instance, when it is raining or when there is some snow cover).

5. 83A Urethane Wheels

The Spine comes with a set of Super Grippy 80mm Urethane Wheels for the ultimate grip. The wheels’ diameter and width are 10.34 inches and 3.5 inches respectively.

6. Lightweight Construction

The entire Fiik Spine electric skateboard weighs a meager 2Kgs. Part of the weight savings comes from the use of high-quality ultra-light carbon flex board, which as mentioned above weighs just 825grams. Essentially, the board is designed to have the bare minimum weight possible; there are no grams of weight that does not serve a specific purpose on the e-board.

7. Advanced Braking

The Fiik Spine also has ABS braking technology. The anti-lock braking system is activated and controlled from the remote control. It helps negates wheel lock-ups, a phenomenon that reduces the effective braking power and destroys the wheel by creating flat spots. Aside from the ABS braking, the Spine also comes with regenerative braking technology. This part of the braking system uses the motors to generate electricity that charges the battery whilst braking. In doing this, it increases your ride-time/range.

Other features that the Spine comes with include the custom-designed track. The track comes with a 5mm rear grind plate. Additionally, the Fiik Spine is rated for a 220lbs (or 100kg) maximum load.

Check out this video by Bill Brewer for a quick rundown of the Fiik Spine.

The Fiik Spine Is Best For?

The Fiik Spine is a very good daily commute and last-mile transportation tool. If you are on the market for a daily commute or last-mail electric skateboard, the Fiik Spine is a very good option. For starters, it strikes the perfect balance between weight savings and performance. The range, the speed, and the charge time make it easy for you to use the Spine for everyday transportation needs. As such, you can efficiently and effectively use the Spine to commute around campus, to commute to work, to explore new destinations while traveling, as well as moving around your home town.

Aside from being an exceptional daily commuter, the Fiik Spine is a good option for individuals looking to explore the speed limits of electric skateboards. With a top speed of 30 mph, the Spine is an exceptional speedster. If you are looking for a thrill, or if you are an avid speed junky, this is a good option to consider.

Fiik Spine Review: The Good And The Bad

One of the notable benefits of investing in the Fiik Spine is the speed. The spine is rated as among the top production electric skateboards on the market. There are very few, if any, skateboards that can attain the speed this e-board can.

Aside from the exceptional speed, you also benefit from the high-quality build and high-quality materials used to manufacture this e-board. The carbon flex deck is hardy and durable, which ensures that the board has a good foundation with regards to durability. Moreover, the battery pack is segmented. This design makes it inherently easy for the battery pack to withstand the stresses. As such, it can last longer as it designed to coup with the stress of daily driving.

Moreover, there is also a benefit of 3-stage settings, which allow users to set up their e-board in a way that suits them and their skills levels.

On the flip, the flexing of the Fiik Spine’s deck can take away some of your confidence when high-speed riding. At high-speed (25 mph and above), you need an extremely stable deck. The flex can take away some of the stability. However, since you cannot ride your e-board at a constant high-speed, this is not a big issue to deal with.

Fiik Spine Review: The Bottom Line

With the electric skateboard market blowing up in recent times, electric skateboard users are spoilt for choice. That being said, the question of quality still remains the most important aspect that e-board users have in mind when investing in any products. Thereafter, buyers will typically consider the unique proposition that a board has.

In the case of the Fiik, the quality of the product is never in question. The company has refined its product line for nearly 2 decades. They have an intricate understanding of what a high-quality electric skateboard should be. Importantly, they ensured that their experience and prior knowledge is the guiding star in the design and manufacture of the Spine.

With regards to its unique proposition, Fiik Spine users get a relatively light electric skateboard which is blistering fast. Achieving this combination of characteristics is difficult. However, Fiik Skateboards has achieved the seemingly unachievable task. In a nutshell, this e-board is a winner if you are user-friendly, fast, and high-quality e-board.

Get your hands on this beauty from Fiik’s official website. Alternatively, you can search for one among the resellers.

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