Top 9 Fastest Electric Skateboards For Thrilling Rides

There is no denying it; speed is a huge draw to electric skateboards and why the fastest electric skateboards are increasingly becoming more popular. While the convenience of accelerating at a push of a button without expending your energy is undeniably huge, it is the speed that makes a world of difference for many e-skateboard users.

There is something thrilling about going at high speed and taming the e-board at those speeds. There is something satisfying in trying to go as fast as you possibly can on an e-board. After all, it is in our very nature to push the boundaries, including speed boundaries.

The fastest electric skateboards are either the ultra-expensive premium mass-produce electric skateboards or DIY electric skateboards. As such, if you are interested in having the fastest electric skateboard around the block, be prepared to fork a lot of money for a high-end premium skateboard. Alternatively, be ready for a DIY project involving designing and building your own custom electric Skateboard.

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1. NGV Nextboard (68mph/ 100 kph)

NGV Nextboard fastest electric skateboard

The quest for speed is somewhat a never-dying human trait. The fast we go, the harder we work to push the boundaries. The NGV Nextboard epitomizes our pursuit to break speed boundaries, this time on the four wheels of an electric skateboard.

The NGV Nextboard is for the daring as it is officially the world’s fastest electric longboard in production for the mass market. Created by Mischo Erban, a modified version of the Nextboard holds the Gunnies World Record for the fastest speed achieved on an electric skateboard. Mischo achieved this feat by hitting an impressive top speed of 59.55 mph/ 95.83 km/h.

However, that was a few years back, and since then, NGV has poured money and dedicated time to improve their creation. With the latest versions of the NGV, the top speed of the Nextboard now stands at an astounding 68 mph/ 100 km/h.

As you can imagine, the fastest electric skateboard is designed and meant for the fastest riders. You have to be experienced, donning the right safety gear, and in a safe environment to even dare push this electric longboard to its limits.

That said, if you have the money to splash out on a unique and historic e-skateboard and you need speed, consider shortlisting the Nextboard.

Features And Specs NGV Nextboard

• Four NGV 2000W 180kv BLDC in-wheel motors
• Lightweight custom molded carbon fiber deck (weighing 800 grams and measuring 103cm in length) with a weather-sealed in-deck compartment for the battery and electronics
• NGV 85 mm wheels on aluminum core, contact patch 70mm, 80 shore A special urethane mix and a 75 cm wheelbase.
• Rides hills of more than 25% gradient (testing is done with a rider weight 100 kg, speed 15 mph)
• A top speed of up to 22 mph (36 km/h) with 4S battery; a top speed of up to 35 mph (55 km/h) with 6S battery; top speed of up to 47 mph (75km/h) with 8S battery, and top speed of up to 68 mph (110km/h) with 12S battery
• A range of up to 10 miles (16km) with one 6S battery – 9000 mAh or 20 miles (32 km) with two 6S batteries – 9000 mAh at average speed 17 mph (27 km/h)
• Bear Kodiaks trucks 160mm/180mm with extender

What Makes The NGV Nextboard Dual Fast?

Attaining a top speed of 60mph/ 100kph is no small feat for an e-skateboard. Everything has to line up perfectly, and engineering behind the electric skateboard must be impeccable. In this regard, NGV’s designers have optimized the electric skateboard to be fast and stable while doing this. For instance, the 4-wheel-drive system the electric skateboard uses has been optimized for speed and torque.

Each motor reaches 9,000 revs per minute. Moreover, every motor has a firmware, reducing for precise control. Importantly, however, the electric skateboard has been designed to inherently stable at high speeds. You can, therefore, exploit its top speed without worrying about wiping out.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

Owing to the all-wheel-drive system, you can improve acceleration and braking. The fact that all the wheels contribute to the acceleration, braking, and torque, the Nextboard’s performance is like no other e-skateboard on the market. With the aid of the all-wheel-drive software controlled system, this e-skateboard can reach its top-speed in as little as 10 to 12 seconds.

Likewise, all the four motors with regenerative ABS braking contribute to deceleration, helping to bring the Nextboard to stop far more effectively than any e-board on this list. As for torque, you must appreciate that 4 powered will produce more torque than a single or dual powdered wheels.

  • It’s the fastest electric skateboard/longboard on the market
  • The Nextboard is very light for its capability
  • Weather-sealed electronic compartment
  • High-quality build
  • A proven product that is designed to last long
  • It’s costly
  • The deck is might stiff; there is no flex whatsoever for carving

Price And Where To Buy The NGV Nextboard

You can check the latest price and make your order directly from NGV’s official website. As for shipping, the published shipping period is about 45 days.

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2. Carvon Evo 4WD (50 mph/ 80kph)

In-Depth Carvon EVO 4WD Review deck

The Carvon Evo 4WD is a special electric skateboard. It has been designed from the ground up for speed. As a product, the Evo 4WD is innovative with some ground-breaking designs allowing the electric skateboard to attain an astonishing top of 50 mph.

Features And Specs

  • 4 V4 SpeedDrive Racing Sensored Motors
  • Samsung 30Q Battery Pack
  • Full-Urethane Wheels

What Makes The Carvon Evo 4WD Fast?

The Evo 4WD astonishing speed comes from a combination of powerful drive system – the 4 wheel drive system, a powerful battery pack, and grip wheels. The SpeedDrive Racing Sensored motors as used in this e-skateboard has a total power output of 10kw allowing riders to reach a top of 50 mph.

As for power supply, the e-board uses Samsung’s 12s5p 30Q, giving the drive system ample power and range (25 miles/ 40km). You can read a more in-depth review of this electric skateboard here.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

Obviously, riding the Evo 4WD means taking a fast ride. You also get a silent and stable riding experience. The motors are designed to be inherently silent, and the drop-down deck lowers the center of gravity. As for the coasting experience, this e-skateboard has excellent coasting performance.

On the flip-side, the EVO 4WD is heavy. With four motors and a massive battery pack, you cannot expect any other weight characteristics. However, what makes the weight issue noticeable is the lack of carry-handle. Carrying this e-board is difficult.

Price And Where To Buy The Carvon Evo 4WD

Unfortunately, you cannot get your hands on this beast, just yet. Jerry, a renowned electric skateboard DIYer, has run into production problems. Many of his IGG backers have not received their product. Moreover, the last time we checked their website (, it was not functional. That said, we will update this article should the product be readily available.

3. Fiik Spine (30mph/45km/h)

Fiik Spine front view

Fiik Spine is Fiik Skateboard’s attempt at producing the fastest electric skateboard on the market. With a dual-motor set-up and lightweight construction, this e-skateboard has been optimized for speed; speed that it delivers. It has a top speed of 30mph/45kph.

Features And Specs

  • High-efficiency high torque brushless dual rear belt-driven motors with a total output of 2000W.
  • Lightweight longboard deck made from engineered carbon flex weighing just 825g.
  • 9-cell 33V 7ah Lithium-Polymer (LiFePo4) with High Cycle Life.
  • ABS braking with regenerative braking.

What Makes The Fiik Spine Fast?

The Fiik Spine gets its exceptional speed from the combination of powerful motors and lightweight construction. This increases the power to weight ratio of this e-skateboard. The e-board can, therefore, attain high speeds with relative ease.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

Unlike many other electric skateboards that are designed for speed, the Spine is relatively lightweight. As such, it much easier to handle, even though it does not have a carry handle. As for rider experience, the flexible deck makes it easy to carve. The advanced braking system enhances rider safety. Finally, the overall highlight construction makes the e-board nimble.

On the flip side, you have to deal with the typical problems that come with a belt-drive system. For instance, it does not have the best coasting performance. It is also noisy.

Read a more in-depth Fiik Spine review here.

Price And Where To Buy The Fiik Spine

You can check out the price of this product at Fiik’s official website.

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4. Enertion Raptor 2.1 (31 mph /50kph Top Pick

The Enertion Raptor 2.1 is an upgraded version of the very popular Enertion Raptor 2. This means the Raptor 2.1 strives for balance and power, but in a better way than the Raptor 2 does. For instance, the stability and high-speed ride qualities of the Raptor 2.1 have been improved.

The carry handles have been repositioned for better weight distribution whilst carrying the e-board. In a nutshell, the Enertion has taken what they learned from the Raptor 2 and made adjustments and improvements into the Raptor 2.1.

Features And Specs

  • One FOCBOX Unity – industry-leading ESCS.
  • R-Spec hub motors powering the e-board to 31 mph/ 50 kph. The e-board can also take on 30% inclines.
  • Liquid-cooled thermal management system that protects the internal components from excess loads.
  • Precision CNC RKP’s. The rear trucks notably also double as a heat sink, as mentioned above.
  • The massive 10s4p Samsung 30Q 18650 battery pack with power totaling 432Wh.
  • The deck is a maple-wood carbon-fiber deck. It has two side-handles made of aluminum alloy. The deck also has a kicktail, which improves user-experience.
  • TriZone silicone ingress seals that protect the motors and the internal components.
  • 90mm 78A R-Spec Ghost wheels.
  • Regen braking.

What Makes The Enertion Raptor 2.1 Fast?

The Raptor 2.1 is one of the fastest electric skateboards you can buy on the market. Few off-the-shelf or DIY electric-skateboards are as powerful or as fast as the Raptor 2.1. The incredible 31 mph/50 kph comes from the FOCBOX Unity, arguably one of, if not the best ESCS on the market. In addition to the powerful ESCS, the raptor 2.1 also has some of the biggest hub motors on any e-board on the market. To top things off, Raptor 2.1 has a huge battery pack that is capable of supplying tremendous power for longer – for 40 km of range.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

It comes with stiff bushings designed to eliminate speed-wobbles, especially at high-speeds. Its concave deck hugs the rider well with the aid of the coarse grip tape. The large wheels smoothen out the bumps, improving riders comfort.

The ride height is quite high. Large hub motors tend to get hot, resulting in the ESCS throttling performance to prevent motor damage. Do note that the throttling is applied gradually as temperature increases and you will barely notice performance drops.

Additionally, it mainly affects the top-speed, which you cannot feasibly reach regularly. Turning radius is quite awful and the stiff deck makes it hard to carve. Another user-experience consideration to have in mind is its weight. The Raptor 2.1 is heavy – 25lbs/11.4kg heavy to be precise.

Price And Where To Buy The Enertion Raptor 2.1

Check out the latest prices and make your purchase from Enertion official website here.

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5. Exway X1 Pro (29mph – Using Turbo Mode)

For comparison purposes, the X1 Pro is most similar to the Boosted Board Extended Range. They are built with commuting as the main use and purpose. They are designed for comfortable riding, with big 85mm wheels coming as standard, a concave deck, and a thick shock-absorbing griptape. Owing to build-quality, pricing, and balanced performance features vs weight, the X1 Pro has attained mass appeal as a daily driver.

Features And Specs

  • Dual hub motors with 1200 watts power output per motor
  • Multi-layered deck with fiberglass, bamboo, Canadian Maple, and carbon fiber combining to form a sturdy and stiff unibody deck
  • 33mm griptape
  • Seismic Aeon trucks and Seismic 90A bushings
  • 193Wh 12s1p LiPo battery pack with over-voltage, undercharge, overcharge, and temperature protection
  • Fast charging capable with full charge attained in 70 minutes. The regular charger takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • An advertised range of 16 m. In reality, your range will depend on your weight, ride settings and terrain grade, you can get a range of 10m to 15m.
  • Regenerative braking
  • IP55 dust and water-resistance rating
  • A Hobbywing ESC controlled
  • R1 Intelligent Remote Control that is super ergonomic, small, and grippy with intuitive user interface showing battery level and real-time speed
  • It weight 15.1lbs/ 6.8kg

What Makes The Exway X1 Pro Fast?

The X1 Pro is undoubtedly fast. With a top speed of 29mph, it is no slouch despite being heavy. This is in large part due to the powerful drive system. The X1 Pro ships with dual hub motor rated at 1200W each motor. You can also order the dual belt Riot Drive system that is compatible with the board.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

As expected of any e-skateboard running with Hobbywing ESC, the X1 Pro is perfectly balanced on acceleration and braking. In the stock settings, everything works perfectly. However, you can customize the performance of the X1 Pro even further via the mobile app, available on Android and iOS. For instance, you can specify the acceleration and deceleration curve.

Using the app, you can also choose the riding mode from one of the speed modes. In a nutshell, the apps allow users to specify the riding experience they desire, something very few other e-skateboards can do.

Surprisingly, this e-skateboard is easy to carve. It is also stable and devoid of high-speed wobbles that many electric skateboards suffer from.

On the flip side, the electric skateboard is heavy, has a harsh ride as is common with most hub motors, and it is stiff. For improved rising experience, however, you should consider ordering the Riot drive bolt-on system that has full urethane wheels.

Price And Where To Buy The Exway X1 Pro

Check out the latest Exway x1 price here.

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6. Meepo NLS Pro (32mph/51 kph)

Meepo NLS Pro 32mph/51 kph

The Meepo NLS Pros is an upgraded version of the NLS, which also a very capable electric skateboard as far as speed goes. As their first stab at the mid-tier market segment, Meepo designed the NLS to be comfortable to use as a daily driver while still being able to take on drag races.

As with everything else, there is room for improvement and Meepo decided to make improvements to the NLS releasing the NLS Pro version.

Features And Specs

  • Two 540 Watts motors
  • Samsung 40T’s 10s2p battery pack
  • Meepo FOC 30A made by Hobbywing
  • A bamboo fiberglass deck – three layers of bamboo and two layers of fiberglass
  • Neoprene-based shock-absorbing griptape
  • Weighing 18.7lbs/8.5 kg
  • Uphill riding capability of up to 30% grade inclinations
  • Shredder tracks made from A356 aluminum alloy
  • Macaroons bushings
  • The maximum weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs/136 kg

What Makes The Meepo NLS Pro Fast?

The NLS’ speed performance is to a large extent pegged the dual motors and the powerful battery pack. With a combined power output of 1080 watts, the Meepo NLS Pro is able to attain a top speed of 32mph/51 kph.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

The NLS Pro is a proper 30 mph electric skateboard with the exceptional range to match the speed. Importantly, however, it has a silky-smooth speed curve as it speeds up to the top speed thanks to the Hobbywing ESC.

Keiran, the lead designer of the Meepo line of e-skateboards has also made an effort to improve comfort and rider experience. The combination of neoprene griptape, the bamboo-fibreglass deck, and 100mm wheels makes for a comfortable touring, cruising, carving, and daily driving.

While there is plenty to rave about the NLS Pro, there are cons to deal with. For starters, it does not have grab handles, which have been a staple feature of the Meepo models. As you can image, the lack of the grab handle negatively affects the user experience. Another Meepo feature that the NLS Pro lacks is the push-to-start feature. Meepo had to sacrifice the push to start feature by using the Hobbywing ESC instead of the LingYi/Binary ESC.

Price And Where To Buy The Meepo NLS Pro

You can check out the latest prices and shipping information from their official website here.

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7. Koowheel Kooboard D3M (24.8 mph/ 40 km/h)

The addition and the inclusion of this Koowheel D3M review in this list stem from its above-average top speed. It is not might fast as many of the other e-boards, but it does outperform many of the average e-boards on the market. Importantly, you should note that its value proposition stems from its affordability. This electric skateboard is way more affordable than many of the e-boards in this list.

Features And Specs

  • Dual motors with a power rating of 350W each. The motors power the e-skateboard to a top speed of 24.8 mph/ 40 km/h. The e-board comes with two riding modes. The Normal mode has a maximum speed of 18mph. To unlock the speed limit and, therefore, access the top speed of 24.8 mph, you need to click the remote button 5 times in quick succession. Alternatively, you can click the power button on the e-board 7 times in quick successions (Check out this video for more).
  • Canadian maple wood deck with 7-layers. The board is cut using CNC trimming and grinding smoothening which minimizes splicing.
  • The Koowheel d3m electric skateboard has a 4300mAh lithium-ion 36V battery that is hot-swappable. The battery charges in 2-3 hours and provides a range of 20-30 km.

What Makes The Koowheel Kooboard D3M Fast?

The above-average speed that the D3M has comes from its dual motors. The motors have a 350W power rating each, combining to produce a respectable 700W of power.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

The Kooboard D3M has a respectable top speed of 24.8 mph while being amongst the most affordable e-skateboards on this list. It has a super light and comfortable remote control. Aside from the speed, the Kooboard D3M is robustly manufactured. For instance, the motherboard uses epoxy. Importantly, the motherboard is also potted. The Koowheel d3m battery, being hot-swappable, also has an effective battery security system.

On the flip side, you should be ready to deal with the higher center of gravity. The deck of the e-skateboard is quite high. However, it does not negatively impact the straight-line stability at cruising and maximum speed. Owing to the thinner urethane on the wheels, the D3M can be loud, and it does rattle a little bit at high speed.

Price And Where To Buy The Koowheel Kooboard D3M

Check the latest Koowheel Kooboard D3M prices here.

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8. Arc Boards Aileron V2 (28 mph/ 45kph)

The Aileron V2 has a lot going for it. For starters, it is one of the very few electric skateboards on the market to use a geared drive. The deck of the e-board is made using 121C pure carbon fiber. This makes the deck thin and light while making it nimble and easy to use daily.

This shortboard, unlike many other electric skateboards, is easy to carry by hand or strap to a backpack. While it has a design geared towards daily driving, it does have exceptional speed, so much that it has earned in this list.

Features And Specs

  • Arc Fusion Drive system with a single 1815W Brushless motor that has a top speed of 28 mph/ 45kph
  • Produces enough torque to take on hills of up to 22% grade
  • Regenerative braking
  • 4200mAH lithium-ion battery yielding 0ver 15m/ 25km of range
  • Extensive customer service network in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Fast charging – it takes 70 minutes to fully charge the battery
  • Weighs 12.1lbs/ 5.5kg
  • The deck measures 30″ x 9.5″/ 76cm x 25cm
  • DI 90mm CP 50MM DURO 75A wheels

What Makes The Arc Boards Aileron V2 Fast?

Despite having a single motor, the Aileron V2 has a higher top-speed than many other e-skateboards with dual motors. So, how does it achieve the over 25mph top speed? Through a combination of a huge motor and lightweight setup.

The powerful 1815W brushless motor that is the Arc Fusion Drive is an exceptional motor. And the fact that the e-skateboards weighs a mere 12.1lbs, it does not have to push unnecessary deadweight.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

Every arc aileron review must mention that the Aileron V2 is optimized for daily driving. Being a daily driver, it is light, stable, and carves well and deeper. However, it is the stands out smooth acceleration and deceleration we all love. The electric skateboard has been calibrated to be very smooth, giving riders the feeling of safety and comfort no matter what they do. Another huge plus is the free-roll capability. By have a gear drive, Aileron V2 can free-roll almost like a tradition skateboard.

Like another e-skateboard on the market, the Aileron V2 has its own deficiencies. Chief among such deficiencies is the unergonomic, especially for long-duration riding. The remote control is also not rechargeable. Instead, it uses AA batteries, which is an inconvenience for some while for others this is a huge plus. If you grab rechargeable batteries, they can last longer than it was possible for rechargeable remote control.

Some users have raised concerned of thermal throttling. While it protects the motors and the VESC, it does impede the usability of the e-skateboard.

Price And Where To Buy The Arc Boards Aileron V2

You can check out the latest Aileron V2 price here.

9. Skatebolt S2 Tornado Electric Longboard Gen 2 – (25mph/40km/h)

Skatebolt’s S2 Tornado is one of the best mid-tier electric skateboards on the market. Everything about this longboard epitomizes value for money. While there are plenty of faster electric skateboards and more feature-filled electric skateboards, very few can match the value proposition that the Skatebolt electric skateboard offers. You can use for cruising around during your free time or you can use a daily driver; it is that versatile.

Features And Specs

  • 8 layers of northeast maple wood
  • Dual-motors, 500 watts each
  • 2 rear red safety tail lights, for night rides
  • Two riding modes – the normal mode with a 12.75 mph/ 22 km/h top speed and the sports mode has 25 mph/ 40km/h
  • 42v 6600mAp battery with a 2 to 4 hours charge time and 500 charge cycles
  • Over 18 miles/ 30 km Range
  • Regenerative braking
  • Staggered gummy wheels: 3.5 x 2 inches/ 9 x 5.2 cm front wheels and 3.5 x 2.3 inches/ 9 x 5.3 cm rear wheels
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs/ 8.85 kg
  • Size: 38 x 9 x5.5 inches
  • Wireless remote control with a ring for a more ergonomic grip

What Makes The Skatebolt S2 Tornado Fast?

The S2 Tornado speed comes from the dual motors. The 500 W dual hub motors power this board to a top speed of 25 mph.

What To Expect From This E-Skateboard

You can expect a fast riding experience from this e-skateboard. The dual motors serve it well, giving riders ample acceleration for most riders. Importantly, it has smooth acceleration, which is important for safety. And as for handling, the Skatebolt electric skateboard handles pretty well.

To top things off, Skatebolt provides impeccable support. They are first to respond and they go out of their way to meet their customers’ needs. You can never go wrong with great support to help you out.

A common complaint that new Skatebolt Tornado have is the touchy braking. While its acceleration is silky smooth, braking is quite abrupt. It takes some getting used and comfortable with the braking curve on this e-skateboard. That said, its braking is not unusable. Another complaint is the heavy build. With 8 layers of maple wood, the deck by itself is a bit heavy. To make matter worse, it does not have a grab handle.

Price And Where To Buy The Skatebolt S2 Tornado

Click here to check out the latest pricing.

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The Challenges Of Making High-Speed Electric Skateboards

For the vast majority of e-skateboard speed lovers, there are very few options to consider when looking for the ultimate speed. For starters, attaining higher-speeds in an electric skateboard requires some specialized engineering. The motors, the battery pack, the track, the board, and the electric speed controller should be highly optimized to achieve dependable and efficient fast speeds.

As such, the vast majority of mass-produced electric skateboards tend to be conservative with regards to pushing the boundaries in the speed realm. While it common for today’s e-skateboards to break the 20mph speed barrier, very few mass-produced e-boards can attain a 30mph speed or more.

The biggest challenge for e-skateboard manufacturers is to design and produce an electric skateboard that will not only achieve those high speeds but will also last long enough to be a worthwhile investment for their customers.

Keep in mind that at high speed, the motor, the battery pack, and the braking system (especially the regen brakes) are experience higher temperatures that are more than their optimal operating temperatures. Furthermore, the board, the wheels, the track, and every other component in board experiences severe vibrations and other forces.

All these make it quite challenging for electric skateboard producers to keep pushing the speed boundaries.

This, however, should not be taken to mean that they are not trying. No! In fact, with each passing year, different e-board companies are producing ever-faster skateboards. A few years ago, the speed limit for the high-end electric skateboards was a mere 18mph to 20mph.

Today, I can comfortably say that the average speed limit for high-end electric skateboards is 25mph to 30mph. Moreover, there are e-boards that have even higher speed limits. With technological development, you can expect the standard speed limit to keep on rising.

Elements That Affect Your Speed

Fastest Electric Skateboard

It is also important to note that even under the same conditions and using the same e-board, two riders might not achieve the same top speed. The top speed that you achieve as individual riders are highly dependent on various factors, including:

1. The Motor Power

How powerful a motor is will determine the maximum speed of the e-board. While other elements herein can vary, the motor power will remain the same, unless it is a case of DIY e-boards where you can swap your motors for more powerful ones. As such, if speed is an important part of your user experience, you should opt for an e-board with powerful motors.

At the very least, look for 1000W motors. Such powerful motors allow you to cruise at higher speeds.

2. Terrain

When riding on a steep inclination, you motors work double time. They not only have to overcome your weight, but they must also overcome gravity whilst moving upwards. Furthermore, you should note that most e-board manufacturers test their maximum speed on flat terrains.

As such, it is quite typical for mass-produced e-boards to underperform when it comes to hill climbs. With the above in mind, you should note that the more powerful an e-skateboard motor is, the better the hill-climb performance it will have.

3. Rider Weight

Typically, every mass-produced e-board comes with a weight limit. When you weigh on the higher side of the weight limit, the harder the motors have to work to attain the high speed. The higher weight burden your motors have to overcome. It is not one of the most. This means that your e-board might not even achieve the maximum speed limit as stated by the manufacturer.

One way of overcoming weight-induced burden is to invest in an electric skateboard that has powerful motors. The more powerful your e-board’s motors, the more capable it will be in overcoming the weight.

4. The Board Quality And Design

As mentioned above, at higher speed, every component in an electric skateboard experiences a lot more stress that can easily shred the parts into bits. As such, for higher-quality user experience at higher speed cruising, the electric skateboard has to be of high-quality with a robust build.

The e-board should use a set of big (65mm to 80mm) wheels that offer maximum traction. It should ideally have a dual motor setup for premium performance, stability, and longevity. The track also needs to be of high quality.

In a nutshell, you should make build-quality and quality of materials used to manufacture the e-board a priority.

DIY Fastest Electric Skateboards

The vast majority of electric skateboards that can cruise at the 30 mph to 40 mph are generally DIY made. For instance, Mischo Erban’s Guinness World Record for the fastest speed on an electric skateboard was achieved using a modified NEXTBoard.

The modified longboard featured a four-wheel drive system made using Scorpion motors. It a custom battery pack made using 2 Tattu 6S batteries. Using this setup, Mischo was able to attain an awe-inspiring speed of 59.55 mph (or 95.83 km/h).

While you might not be as much of daredevil as Mischo, you might still be interested in cruising at a relatively higher speed than the average mass-produce e-board can. You might also be looking for a cheaper alternative to the mass-produced premium electric skateboards that reach the 25mph to 30mph. If that is you, a DIY electric skateboard is a good option.

High-Speed Electric Riding

Aside from keeping in mind the basic safety considerations of riding an eclectic skateboard, you need to develop your high-speed riding technique. For the ultimate high-speed cruising, you need to rely on more than the motors. You should hone your skill to permit you to cruise at high-speeds.

Mastering The Speed Tuck

When you are pushing to exceed the fastest speed you have achieved on an electric skateboard, you have to deal with air resistance. While the power of your e-board, your weight and terrain will generally stay constant during several trial run, the air resistance that you experience in each run will vary, mostly depending on the speed tuck you take.

The speed tuck is the position in the e-board that you take to minimize air resistance as much as possible. In effect, assuming the speed tuck position whilst riding is taking a position that reduces the air resistance and drag that eventually bleeds off your speed. Taking the speed tuck position reduces your frontal profile, thereby negating the speed you lose through air braking.

For the most part, there is no one-perfect speed tuck position. Due to the differences in body builds, body parts dimensions, and flexibility among riders, every rider will have a different speed tuck. That is why is important to practice and find out the best speed tuck position that meets your needs and your body stature.

For instance, if you have long legs, you might be better off spreading your legs across the board. However, if you have shorter legs, spreading your legs on the board it might not suit you particularly well.

That being said, there are general rules you can follow in your effort to perfect the speed tuck. In a nutshell, you should tuck your back knee behind the front knee. Thereafter, you need to lean into the front thigh as much as possible. Moreover, you want to tuck your arms behind your back, reducing the overall frontal cross-section.

For a more detailed explanation on tucking, read this article and or article here. For video tutorials, watch this video, and this video here.

Mastering Wobble Control Skills While Riding The Fastest Electric Skateboard

If you intend to cruise at high speed on one of the fastest electric skateboards your e-board, you must master the controlling high-speed wobbles. This is a very common problem that you will inevitably encounter over time when you are cruising at high speeds.

The high-speed wobbles are induced when you start to rock back and forth or from side to side uncontrollably. The high-speed wobbles are typically induced by when you trying to correct your e-board from turning as a result of riding over bumps and cracks on the road.

However, at high speeds, it is very easy for even the slightest correction to turn in to an overcorrection, where you lean far more in the opposite direction that you would want.

Naturally, you will try to correct in the other direction, thereby initiating an overcorrection. This problem is usually very prevalent in very reactive electric skateboards.

So, how do you deal with speed wobbles on your electric skateboard? There are several solutions you can turn to. A must-try solution is to change your riding style and position on the board to accommodate the high speed you will be cruising in.

If you position yourself too far back on the board, more of your weight is distributed at the back of the board and on the rear truck. This reduces your effective control over the board at high speeds.

For more effective control, ensure that your weight is properly distributed on the board to negate the chances of encountering speed wobble. In the same light, you should try and ride your e-board as low as possible. Leaning forward and tucking whilst cruising at high speed will help you lower your center of gravity.

Another solution you might want to try, especially in a DIY situation is to modify the trucks. Tightening your trucks and reducing the truck angles has the effect of making the board harder to turn as well as reducing the turning angles for a given lean input.

Mastering Your Stopping Skills While Riding The Fastest Electric Skateboard

The standard braking technique for many e-board riders at lower speeds is using the e-board’s braking system. However, this is not always reliable, especially in the case of high-speed cruising. The brakes may fail, leaving you in a precarious situation.

As such, make a point of mastering your stopping skill before you attempt high-speed cruising beyond 20mph.

To this end, you should the master sliding braking technique. Sliding is a braking technique that involves pushing your electric skateboard perpendicular to the direction of motion.

When you place your board in such a position, you increase the friction on the wheels, thereby bleeding off speed much fast and more effectively. Mastering sliding will give you the ability to stop at will, thereby increasing your confidence to ride your board at a much faster speed.

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