Acton Blink QU4TRO Review: Still Good In 2019?

The Acton Blink QU4TRO is one of the leading premium electric skateboards on the market, with some of its users terming it as the “Ferrari of electric skateboard”. It is, therefore, only right to have an in-depth Blink Qu4tro review.

In this Acton QU4TRO Review, we will explore what this e-skateboard has to offer, its pros and cons, and finally look at what to expect when you buy one.

Being a premium e-skateboard, it has all the advanced features that you would expect a premium product. The Blink QU4TRO skateboard was among the first commercially available 4X4 electric skateboard. It has a stellar hill climbing performance and is definitely a leader in hill climb capabilities and incredible cruising speed.

Acton Blink QU4TRO Review

Blink QU4TRO Specs And Features

1. 4-Wheel-Drive

It has an all-wheel-drive system with a total power output of 2,000W. This is enough power to give the Blink QU4TRO a stated top speed is 23mph. That said, there are plenty of users who have hit 25mph in ideal conditions of smooth surface and low or no wind. The Blink QU4TRO all-wheel-drive system allows riders to ride up to 30% incline rates with ease.

2. Tension Suspension Trucks

The Blink QU4TRO uses the Tension Suspension. The suspension design and setup is such that it can absorb hard impact when riding without transferring the vibration to the deck. As such, riders can skate at high-speed without experience the characteristic high-speed buffeting. Additionally, the suspension negates high-speed wobbles. Consequently, you can cruise at high speeds without worrying about stability.

3. Integrated LED Lights

The Blink QU4TRO comes with Acton’s signature safety lights. It has 2-sidelights and front and tail lights. The lights are controlled via the mobile app.

4. Action Joystick

The Blink QU4TRO comes with an Action joystick. The joystick is relatively ergonomic with a perfect palm fit for long-duration usage. The throttle wheel has been designed to be large and it has been calibrated to strike the perfect balance on the throttle sensitivity front. The joystick allows users to select the ride mode from one of three drive modes. To accelerate, you just to press the throttle forward while to brake you pull the throttle back. The Bluetooth remote control also has a LED power level indicator.

5. Regenerative Braking

It comes with regen braking, a feature that allows the e-board to recoup some power while braking. You can read more about regen braking here.

6. Modest Battery Performance

The Blink QU4TRO’s battery pack is a 1600W comprising of Panasonic battery cells. The battery pack stores enough charge for a range of up to 22 miles as per Acton. The entire battery pack is encased in a stainless steel casing, giving it exceptional resistance to wear, tears, and knicks, and knocks.

However, just like top speed, there are Blink QU4TRO users have been able to eke out more range than the published range, depending on the terrain and the wind levels. The published charge time on this electric skateboard is 3 hours.

7. Balance Between Lightweight Construction And Durability

Acton builds the Blink QU4TRO with lightweight materials in an effort to reduce the overall weight of this e-skateboard, which stands at 24lbs. Importantly, however, the materials used are designed to yield a robust electric skateboard that is not only hardy but also durable. The deck is built using a combination of carbon fiber, and aircraft-grade aluminum. An added benefit of this construction is incredible stability.

The rigid construction does affect the handling, especially when riding get off smooth pavements.

8. Maximum Weight Load

Acton has rated the Blink QU4TRO as having a maximum load-bearing capacity of 280 lbs. This is the maximum weight of both the rider and their gear.

9. Deck And Wheel Size

The deck measures 39 inches. The wheels measure 88mm.

Blink QU4TRO Review: The Good And The Bad


  • It has excellent hill-climbing capability. The 4WD QU4TRO produces a top speed of 23 MPH and can ride up a 30% incline rate.
  • The QU4TRO has a drive system with a total output of 2000 watts.
  • The QU4TRO uses an advanced Tension Suspension that absorbs impacts. This reduces the vibration transmitted to your feet, thereby improving the ride quality.
  • Running LED lights for increased safety.
  • Acton offers a financing option (for qualified US customers), giving you the chance to own a premium e-skateboard at flexible terms.
  • With a range rating of up to 22 miles, it has ample range for most users.
  • The deck is made using aluminum and carbon fiber, which gives it a robust and durable build.
  • The Acton Joy Stick is ergonomically designed and fully featured. It has LED power indicators, excellent throttle sensitivity owing to the large throttle wheel.
  • Stellar coasting capability.


  • With the deck weighing 24 pounds, it is a relatively heavy deck which negatively impacts its performance and your kicking ability.
  • The turning radius could use some improvement.
  • The urethane layer on the wheels is too thin to use in extreme rough roads (unless you are comfortable with changing wheel frequently).
  • Since this e-skateboard does not have any active differential system to slow down the outer when carving, the QU4TRO does tend to slide when you take sharp corners. As such, you cannot carve at high speeds.
  • Another grime you have to contend with is the lack of deadman switch to negate the possibility of triggering the throttle accidentally.

What To Expect

Overall, you get a stellar experience when riding if you are interested in taking on hills and drag racing. The 4 wheel drive system is very effective and efficient at delivering torque and speed. You will not lack pulling power while on the QU4TRO e-skateboard. It is a top contender for the most comfortable ride, owing to Tension Suspension system installed. Riding over rough roads is much more bearable whilst riding a QU4TRO.

However, the QU4TRO does face some directional change deficiencies. It is, therefore, not the best e-skateboard to carve your way around a city and traffic. It is also a beefy electric skateboard, which makes it a huge hassle to carry around. As such, while it is an exciting e-skateboard to ride, it is not the most practical model out there to use for daily commutes.

Blink QU4TRO Review: In Conclusion

While the Acton Blink QU4TRO skateboard is not exactly what the Indiegogo backers were expecting, the products is a solid product and a good choice for those looking for a daily driver electric skateboard. The changes made were to improve the practicality of the product and probably to keep the cost low, while not compromising on the quality.

All things considered, the good that comes with the Blink QU4TRO outweigh some of the cons. If you are on the market for an all-wheel-drive e-skateboard, you should consider this model, or at the very least shortlist it.

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