18 Best Electric Skateboard For College Commute (And How To Choose One)

Wondering why you should invest in the best electric skateboard for college commutes? It’s simple; it makes a great deal of sense to use one as it is convenient, efficient, and easy to commute around your college campus on.

Moving around campus can be a hectic endeavor. When you have to rush from one end of your campus to the other in between classes, it means you have to cover a relatively great distance with a short span of time. Moreover, you have to carry your books, stationery, your laptop, and other items that you need to use in class or after class.

You can use a powered skateboard to commute to your classes. With an electric skateboard, you can move around campus with ease. Not only does it provide the speed that you might physically lack, but it also makes your commute effortless. By rushing around, you expend a lot of energy, thereby sweating. This is not the case with an e-board; you will reach your classes feeling all fresh and ready.

List Of The Best Electric Skateboard For College Commute

While doing some reading on the best electric skateboard for college use, the following e-boards keep coming up as some of the best rated electric skateboards for campus commute are:

  • Boosted Board,
  • Liftboard,
  • Pulse Echo,
  • Evolve BGT,
  • koowheel d3m v2,
  • Yuneec,
  • Blink S,
  • Inboard M1,
  • Evolve Bamboo GT here,
  • flatland 3d,
  • Arc 121c Aileron,
  • Arcboard,
  • Lou board 3.0,
  • Mellow,
  • Metroboard 29″ Micro Slim,
  • Jed Board,
  • Riptide R1E, and
  • Pulse echo

However, choosing your electric board for campus commute is not just a matter of searching for the cheapest or for the latest electric skateboard on the market. There are some intricacies that should go into making your decision. You need a board that has a combination of features and form factor well-suited for campus commute. Herein we will explore the various consideration to have in mind when exploring for an electric skateboard for campus commute.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Electric Skateboard For College


The torque an electric skateboard produces is very important in two aspects; it determines the hill-climb performance of your e-board and influences the amount of weight the board can carry. With this in mind, if you weigh on the lower end to the medium-end of the spectrum, you should not worry about the torque in relation to weight. Most powered skateboards are designed for the average weight.

However, if you have a higher weight, you should make finding a board with a higher torque capacity a priority. Otherwise, your board might end up performing abysmally with regards to the speed it can achieve.

With regards to hill-climbing capability, you need a skateboard that can handle the various hills in and around your campus. As such, if your school has plenty of steep hills that you will need to cover, your best bet is an e-board with plenty of torque. That is, you need to prioritize for a motor that has been set up to produce higher torque rather than one that is optimized for higher top speed.

If your campus has plenty of flat terrains, you do not have to prioritize higher torque.

E-Board Weight And Form Factor

an electric skateboard you can carry around

Considering you will be using your electric skateboard for campus commute, you want a board that is easy to carry around. That is, you want a board that is compact and does not have excess weight on it. However, the weight and size of an electric skateboard are heavily influenced by its features.

For instance, a larger and heavier electric skateboard will generally have a bigger battery charge capacity as it has more surface to attach the battery pack. On the other hand, you cannot comfortably move around with the largest board on the market. In many regards using a large board is untenable.

On the other end of the spectrum, an extremely small e-board will have a small surface to store the battery surface than the larger board. Additionally, the smaller wheel-base will inherently make the e-board less stable.

Therefore, you should balance e-board weight and form-factor to get a board that is compact and lightweight enough to comfortably move around and has the necessary features that you need (especially the battery storage capacity).

Motor And Battery Performance

A good motor and battery pack should:

1. Have Exceptional Smoothness While Accelerating And Breaking

Having smooth throttle response is a critical safety consideration. Whilst riding your e-board, you want to be able to precisely control the throttle. As such, you will be in a better position to navigate around campus, avoid people and adhere to the traffic rules such as red and green lights.

While the motor plays a huge role in the smoothness of the ride (especially with regards to the smoothness of motor control achievable), wheels, truck and the type of board used all influence the smoothness of the ride.

Furthermore, the more robust an electric skateboard is constructed the better smoothness it will exhibit. Unfortunately, the more robust an e-board is, the higher the weight it has. For instance, users have reported the 72 lbs E Glide to have a much smoother ride than e-boards with much lower weights.

2. Fast Charging

You want your battery pack to charge fast. Considering the usability of your battery pack is dependent on the power your battery pack has, how fast you can charge the battery pack is an important consideration to have in mind.

Alternatively, you can opt for an e-board that you can detach the battery pack. The detachable battery will allow you to use one of your battery packs whilst the other one is charging.

3. Range

The range is determined by the weight of the e-board and the weight of the user, the battery pack capacity, and the motor wattage rating (generally, the higher the motor wattage rating, the more power the motor will draw from the battery pack). Generally speaking, all e-boards have an estimated range. Use the range to determine whether it will meet your needs.

The board you choose should generally have ample range for a full day’s commute. Therefore, estimate how many miles you move around to determine the range you need. You can track your movement for a week and calculate the average daily distance you cover.

4. Reliability

Reliability is another important consideration. Considering that your e-boards will be a commuting tool that you will use on a daily basis during the summer and sometimes during the winter, it needs to have exceptional reliability. However, understanding the reliability of an electric skateboard is quite difficult, especially when you have not used it. As such, you need to research every prospective e-board in intricate details.

During your review process, make a note of the general feeling among every e-board’s users. Furthermore, make an effort to understand the cooling solutions used in the battery pack and the motors. When the battery pack and the motors heat up, they tend to deteriorate in performance, not only in the short term but also in the long-term.

Related to the reliability, read the warranty terms and conditions of every prospective e-board. Generally, when an electric skateboard manufacturer designs and manufactures a high-quality product that they know is exceptionally robust and reliable, they tend to offer favorable warranty terms.

5. Quiet

You should look for an e-board that is extremely quiet. A quiet board is more pleasurable to use as it is stealthier. Furthermore, it does not disturb other people around you; you do end up being a nuisance to others whilst using your e-board.

6. Availability Of The E-Board

There are plenty of e-boards on the market. Some e-boards are available on the mass market and are available for shipping. Other e-boards are still in development but their manufacturers are taking pre-orders, with a promise of offering their e-boards at a lower price.

With this in mind, you should be cognizant of the availability of the electric skateboard when choosing the e-board. If you need the e-board as soon as possible, you should consider choosing a product from the variety of e-boards available on the mass market. However, if you are not in a hurry to use your board, you can choose a pre-order, especially if you get a good deal on it.


Although speed is an important consideration, it is not the number one factor to consider. Logically speaking, you will rarely hit speeds north of 20mph in the confines of your campus and remain safe. That being said, the vast majority of today’s e-boards come with a top speed of at least 20mps. And while having extremely high top-speeds is not a big factor to consider, you will get decent top speeds anyway.


It is important to point out that the vast majority of power skateboards do not free-roll like the traditional push skateboard. The electric motor produces some resistance, with some boards/motors producing far more resistance than others. As such, do not expect to free-roll down a hill with the same riding feel as you would with a push skateboard.

In Conclusion …

When you decide to purchase an electric skateboard for campus commute, make sure you have an intricate understanding of your needs – the general terrain in your campus, how fast you need the e-board, your budget etc. Thereafter, try to match the qualities that various boards on the market offer with your needs. Choose the board suited to your specific needs.

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