BajaBoard Electric Skateboard G4X Review: Ultimate Off-Road Skateboarding

As far as high-end e-skateboards go, I believe the BajaBoard G4X is a top of the cream electric skateboard with performance to match.

BajaBoard designed this off-roading electric skateboard with the goal of taking electric skateboards to new frontiers – off-road. You can ride it almost everywhere you like. Want to ride up a rough uphill trail? Want to ride the steepest incline in your town? Want to go fast? The G4X will do it all.

BajaBoard Electric Skateboard G4X Features And Specs


#1. Top Speed—37 mph/60 kph

#2. Acceleration Performance—0 to 31 mph/ 50kph in 3 seconds

#3. Battery Options Available—The large battery system producing 900Wh when fully charged, enough to yield a range of 21mi/34km. The smaller battery option stores 550wh of power, enough to power the board for 13.5mi or 22km.

#4. Transmission—Belt Driven 

#5. Motor—4 63mm brushless motors. You can select to ride with all 4 motors or 2 rear motors only.

#6. Brakes—Regenerative braking

#7. Chassis And Board—An Alloy Chassis with independent wishbones. The board is a maple compost board.

#8. Shock Absorbers—Adjustable pre-loaded shock absorbers with 55mm of travel.

#9. Remote Controller—24GHz wireless remote controller with encryption capability.

#10. Maximum Payload—350 pounds or 160kg while cruising.

#11. Board Weight—55 pounds/25kg

#12. Tires—10”/254mm pneumatic tires with 35 psi.

#13. Optional Lights

BajaBoard Electric Skateboard G4X Review: The Good And The Bad

Just like any other e-skate on the market, this board has its share of positive and negative attributes.

Notable Pros

  • It can take on extremely steep hills – up to 45% grade.
  • The G4X is extremely powerful and fast. The 4 brushless electric motors give the board fast acceleration and very high top-speeds.
  • It has a very high range of up to 21 miles (34km) on the larger battery option and 13.5 miles (22km) on the smaller battery pack.
  • This board is made using high-quality inputs, including alloy chassis and a maple deck for better durability.

Notable Cons

  • It is very heavy. Weighing 55 pounds/ 25 kilograms, you can appreciate that this is not an ideal last-mile e-board or daily driver. It is a recreational e-skateboard.
  • It has poor maneuverability. You cannot take sharp corners and turns at speed. Moreover, since the board is extremely steady and robust, curving with this e-board is not easy. However, you can solve this issue by riding on 2WD on paved roads to improve the turning radius.
  • The lack of waterproofing in some parts can give rise to durability problems, especially since it designed for off-roading.

The User Experience You Get From The BajaBoard G4X

bajaboard g4x side face

Ultimate All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Riding

The BajaBoard G4X is a beast while riding uphill. There are few e-skateboards on the market that can keep up with board when riding uphill if any. It has serious ample torque, exceptional speed, and robust battery capacity to take you up to a 45% grade. Moreover, you can ride this board in all terrains. With an alloy chassis, a robust independent double-wishbone, and preloaded 55mm travel shock absorbers, it can take on any terrain. With this e-skateboard, you do not have to restrict yourself to smooth tarmacked roads.

Advanced Safety Features Makes For A Safe User Experience

Safety considerations are inherent to the design of this e-skateboard. The sturdy chassis gives this electric skateboard a steady and predictable platform. If you set the suspension right, it will not surprise you with unintended directional change. Once you get used to the power board has, you can push your limits with confidence.

It also has traction control. This board is mighty powerful, and it is pretty easy to be overzealous with the throttle. As such, wiping out of your e-skateboard is easy. To make the board more drivable and frankly, safer, BajaBoard has added traction control. Traction control reduces unnecessary wheel spin and increases overall grip your board has.

This is especially important when off-roading as off-road surfaces tend to offer uneven traction. A loose soil surface trail will offer different traction when compared to a muddy trail. Regardless of the surface, you are on, you can expect exceptional grip, and, therefore, a better overall riding experience.

Another feature that excites me with regards to safety and usability this e-skateboard is its electric differential. Being an off-roading board with all-wheel drive capability, it is easy to lose traction on some wheel when cornering. When you lose traction, wiping out is inevitable and dangerous. As you can appreciate, falling off your board while riding in rugged terrain can cause extensive and serious injuries. The differential allows the different wheels to spin independently, ensuring that every motor applies the right amount of power in relation to the grip offered by the ground surface.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It is also important for you to understand the limitations of the setup you choose when riding this board. Given its high-performance nature – immense power and torque – it is very easy to wipe out, resulting in injuries or compromising the safety of those around you.

Video by Portable Electric Vehicle

If you set up the e-board for a comfortable ride (soft dampers) and better control (tighter turning radius), you should not exceed 21 mph/35 kph for your own safety. With this particular setup, at high-speed the board gets wobbly.

All said, the G4X is a very capable e-skateboard for riding uphill, off-roading, or simply riding fast in a straight. However. For the best user experience, make sure you purchase the latest models as they have improved design elements when compared to the earlier versions.

The Belt Needs Frequent Replacements If It Not Well-Cared For

While there is plenty of positive user experience you get with BajaBoard G4X, there are some grimes you have to contend, especially when you hill climb off-road. For instance, since in stock design, the belts are not protected, stones do tend to get in between the motor pulley and the belt. This phenomenon negatively affects the durability of the belts.

A solution to this is to install a protective cover to negate this from happening. However, BajaBoard has changed their belt supplier and they are using Kevlar reinforced belts.

Who Is The BajaBoard G4X For?

bajaboard electric skateboard g4x bold

It is pretty obvious from the marketing of the BajaBoard G4X, it has been designed for off-adventures. In this regard, it is perfectly suited for off-road-enthusiasts. However, owing to its capability, this e-skateboard is also a good choice for people looking for a hill climbing beast. With ample power and traction, this a very capable electric skateboard for hill climbing rides.

In Conclusion…

The BajaBoard G4X is a ground-up design meant to meet the needs of all-terrain electric skateboard enthusiasts. Its design, power, and sturdy build combine to make it a stellar off-roader, impeccable on the straights, and a joy to ride uphill. That said, do not invest in this board if you are looking for a daily driver that you will take everywhere.

Overall, it is a good buy if you are interested in taking your e-skateboard everywhere and you have the budget for it.

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