The Best Electric Skateboard For Hills

Best Electric Skateboard For Hills

Electric skateboards are exceptional and versatile tools. You can use them for commuting, or as a last-mile tool in your daily commute. You can also use e-skateboards for outdoor and back-country exploring if you need some excitement and fun in your life. Whatever way you choose to use your electric skateboard, I can confidently say … Read more

Electric Skateboards VESC Regenerative Braking (And Other Types of Braking)

E-Skateboards VESC Regenerative Braking

Devoid of friction braking that is typical of moving vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, and even bicycles, electric skateboards have to rely on regenerative braking and dynamic braking. While friction braking is very effective at stopping a moving vehicle, it requires bulky and often time heavy mechanical parts. This is not feasible in a compact … Read more

Acton Blink QU4TRO Review: Still Good In 2019?

Acton Blink QU4TRO Review

The Acton Blink QU4TRO is one of the leading premium electric skateboards on the market, with some of its users terming it as the “Ferrari of electric skateboard”. It is, therefore, only right to have an in-depth Blink Qu4tro review. In this Acton QU4TRO Review, we will explore what this e-skateboard has to offer, its … Read more

BajaBoard Electric Skateboard G4X Review: Ultimate Off-Road Skateboarding

bajaboard electric skateboard top

As far as high-end e-skateboards go, I believe the BajaBoard G4X is a top of the cream electric skateboard with performance to match. BajaBoard designed this off-roading electric skateboard with the goal of taking electric skateboards to new frontiers – off-road. You can ride it almost everywhere you like. Want to ride up a rough uphill trail? … Read more

Fiik Spine Electric Skateboard: World’s Fastest Electric Skateboard?

Fiik Spine top slanted view

With the electric skateboard market growing with every new day, e-board manufacturers are working hard to design and manufacture products that stand out and appeal to customers. This is the case with Fiik Skateboards with their Fiik Spine. There are several ways e-board manufacturers are trying to achieve this goal. Some are focusing on designing … Read more

9 Of The Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks And Cases For Daily Commutes And Travels

An e-board you can carry around with a backpack

Have you ever found yourself stranded with one of your hands holding your esk8, the other hand holding glossary or other items that you cannot put down and you need to answer a phone can? So have I. In fact, it is such a situation that got me thinking that there has to be a … Read more

The Latest In-Depth Carvon EVO 4WD Review

An In-Depth Carvon EVO 4WD Review

With electric skateboards increasing in popularity with each new day, new electric skateboard brands are emerging with increasing frequency. However, the vast majority of brands do not bring in new technologies to the market. Moreover, their products do not feature any innovation that will push the electric skateboard ream forward. In essence, many of the … Read more

Top 9 Fastest Electric Skateboards For Thrilling Rides

Fastest Electric Skateboard

There is no denying it; speed is a huge draw to electric skateboards and why the fastest electric skateboards are increasingly becoming more popular. While the convenience of accelerating at a push of a button without expending your energy is undeniably huge, it is the speed that makes a world of difference for many e-skateboard … Read more

Top 7 Electric Skateboard Safety Tips You Should Be Using

Electric Skateboard Safety

Electric skateboards are no longer novelty items that riders show off. They are now commonplace and, in fact, they should be considered as transportation tools. However, an unintended, and arguably a natural consequence of their increased popularity is an increment in electric skateboard accidents and resultant injuries. Electric skateboard safety has become a very serious … Read more

18 Best Electric Skateboard For College Commute (And How To Choose One)

best electric skateboard for campus

Wondering why you should invest in the best electric skateboard for college commutes? It’s simple; it makes a great deal of sense to use one as it is convenient, efficient, and easy to commute around your college campus on. Moving around campus can be a hectic endeavor. When you have to rush from one end … Read more